Reduce the Risk of High Intensity Residential Fires

Fires have had a devastating impact on communities across Canada, but it doesn’t need to be that way. 

Since 2010, we’ve been developing treated wood products that offer predictable performance and reduce the risk of high intensity residential fires.

Builders and homeowners can have peace-of-mind with BarrierTek

Watch Science Vs. Fire

Aimed at supporting the innovators of the construction industry, Science Vs. Fire is a live experiment series exploring and demonstrating that we can reduce the possibility of intense residential fire in wood construction. See our latest large-scale experiment where we set two 3-storey buildings on fire to prove, in the end, science wins!

Multi-Family Applications

Building with wood enables developers and design professionals to build high density housing at a low cost. But large wood buildings come with an increased course of construction risk as they are more vulnerable to fires. BarrierTek’s Multi-Family solutions address this risk and mitigate the most common causes of construction fire: arson and hot work.

Single-Family Applications

Modern urban planning practices have led to an increase in the number of compact communities. These neighbourhoods have limited lot lines and more homes per city block than their traditional counterparts. Single-family structures built with BarrierTek applications can reduce the devastation of community property—and lives.

BarrierTek Products

We don’t see an untreated wood building. We see a box of matches. Our scientists understand that preventing fires in wood structures requires a comprehensive approach and have developed the products vital to doing so.


Treating each piece of dimensional lumber with BarrierTek before it reaches your site guarantees complete fire protection.


An alternative to traditional dry or glycol systems that eliminates the need for sprinklers in confined spaces like attics.


An untreated joist’s web burns through about 70% faster than its top and bottom chords, compromising its support.


Our OSB and plywood sheets have a patented factory-applied fire-retardant coating that doesn’t alter performance.​

Give First-Responders Time to Save Property

Untreated wood buildings are a fire risk during construction and a danger to adjacent buildings. When treated with BarrierTek, the magnitude of damage is drastically reduced. BarrierTek treated structures work to protect themselves and adjacent buildings.

Reduce your course of construction premium by 40%

We work closely with insurance companies to help forward-looking construction companies ensure the continuity of their structures.