AtTEK® for attic applications and confined spaces.

Wood Trusses
Fire Resistant Roof Systems

AtTEK® is a proprietary intumescent coating that allows builders to fireproof right at the framing stage. AtTEK® meets all of the testing required to be an alternative to NFPA-13 and eliminates the issues, costs, and catastrophes associated with sprinkler systems in confined spaces.

BarrierTek Products

We don’t see an untreated wood building. We see a box of matches. Our scientists understand that preventing fires in wood structures requires a comprehensive approach and have developed the products vital to doing so.


Treating each piece of dimensional lumber with BarrierTek before it reaches your site guarantees complete fire protection.


An alternative to traditional dry or glycol systems that eliminates the need for sprinklers in confined spaces like attics.


An untreated joist’s web burns through about 70% faster than its top and bottom chords, compromising its support.


Our OSB and plywood sheets have a patented factory-applied fire-retardant coating that doesn’t alter performance.​