What is Science Vs. Fire?

Aimed at supporting the innovators of the construction industry, Science Vs. Fire is an experiment series exploring and demonstrating how together we can eliminate catastrophic fires in wood construction.

Science Vs. Fire provides an inside look at how the efficacy of our products are tested at scale. We’re opening the kimono, so to speak.

Untreated Building Fire From Science Vs. Fire

The first of many large-scale experiments

In May of 2021, we built two 3-storey wood structures. One was treated with science — specifically, BarrierTek’s proprietary fire protectant coating. The other structure was left untreated, similar to the wood construction that makes up our neighbourhoods.

Then we let loose 1/2 a megawatt of heat energy (fire) in both buildings while they’re attached to probes, sensors, and other measurement gadgets.

Download the Reports

Now that you’ve seen the experiment, you’ll want to review the data. We’ve made our engineering reports and appraiser report available for download.

Who we are

We’re a science-first company that is helping construction companies build safer and protect their balance sheets against the risk of fire. Since Day One at BarrierTek, we’ve been doing test burns on sheds, outhouses, garages, and now, three-storey buildings.

Why it matters

Our experiments prove that you can effectively protect your construction assets, de-risk profitability, and ensure safety for the lifetime of your buildings.
Our experiments provide you with an ace up the sleeve: new technology that enables you to meet code requirements while eliminating fire risk. Our products and support will assist you in providing progressive, effective and safe building designs.
Our experiments change the game for our fire-fighting community. First responders can now work to put out a course of construction fire as opposed to solely focusing on protecting adjacent structures.
Communities of dwellings that are treated with BarrierTek products are safer.

What people are saying about Science Vs. Fire

I thought the overall presentation was very well produced. I appreciated this being held virtually, given the pandemic. Very well done.
Brian U.
The comparison between unprotected and protected lumber was awesome. Video quality and camera footage was great.
Greg B.
Keep pushing the envelope!
Dave L.
This presentation was vivid, and the production value was excellent. Good job!
Reg C.

Putting an end to catastrophic fires

Over a thousand people have popped into our virtual theatre to watch this first-of-its-kind burn demonstration. There is an appetite to build safer and find more innovative ways to protect our buildings. The conversations are happening, and we’d like you to be a part of this movement to build with wood — beautiful, sustainable, safe, and profitable.

Viewing our latest experiment

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