Science Vs. Fire I – Environmental Impact

Non-Toxic and Factory Applied

All of the chemicals we use are low or no toxicity, and we factory apply BarrierTek product to the wood substrate.

After it’s been coated, the risk of harm is low. Even on a building, the coating is weatherproof and durable – so there’s no concern about it leeching into the environment or getting outside of the factory.


Low-VOC and Impact on LEED Certifications

Our product is water-based, so it doesn’t use any chemical solvents that could lead to volatile organic compounds (VOCs). With low VOC products, you’re able to become LEED certified easier, as they approve the entire building.

How is BarrierTek is Different?

Traditionally, many fire retardants use halogenated compounds – when they burn, they produce halogens like bromine or chlorine in the air, which is poisonous. This is where most people suffer during a fire, through smoke inhalation – not just the heat.

Our product only offgasses carbon dioxide and water – the same as when you burn regular wood, only at a much lower rate than burning a piece of wood by itself.

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