Fire Proofing Wood For Single-Family Construction

When single-family homes catch on fire, they’re at risk of not only burning down but spreading to adjacent homes. There is a better way to build that eliminates the possibility of catastrophic fire. BarrierTek reduces the possibility of devastation to community, property and personal safety caused by fire.

Our Single-Family Products

Our team of scientists and engineers have been helping developers just like you to prevent catastrophic fires since 2010. We’ve put in the time and resources required to create solutions that exceed fire code standards. All of our products are tested and independently certified.


Treating each piece of dimensional lumber with BarrierTek before it reaches your site guarantees complete fire protection.


An untreated joist’s web burns through about 70% faster than its top and bottom chords, compromising its support.


Our OSB and plywood sheets have a patented factory-applied fire-retardant coating that doesn’t alter performance.​

Your Customers Will Thank You

You care about the homes you build and the people that live in them. Which is why treating your projects with our single-family solutions is the right thing to do. BarrierTek gives homeowners and their families plenty of time to vacate their home and gives first responders the time to save the surrounding homes in case of a fire. 

Homeowners with fire-treated homes enjoy these benefits:

Peace of Mind

Their house will never burn down completely

Cost Savings

A reduction in insurance premium is greater than the cost to treat²

Added Protection

For less than $10/month¹

¹Based on the average cost of full home treatment, spread across a mortgage period of 30 years.

²The added protection of BarrierTek has the potential to lower your home insurance costs, but this will vary between insurance providers. Please contact us for support.

Take the First Step to Building Better

Want to join Canada’s leading developers in the pledge to build better? It’s as simple as asking one of our partnering lumber yards for BarrierTek treatment. Get peace of mind in three easy steps:


Ask us for a list of lumber yards  that can give you a quote to treat your entire lumber package


The lumber yard will coordinate with us for the BarrierTek treatment


Your BarrierTek fire-treated lumber is delivered to your site. Build with peace of mind.