Fire Proofing Wood For Multi-Family Construction

Projects treated with BarrierTek multi-family products are hard to miss, but our distinctive blue and orange coatings are more than just hallmarks of a progressive developer; they signify safer communities. Our products are the result of over a decade in innovation in multi-storey wood construction.

Our Multi-Family Products

Contractors and engineers building multi-storey wood structures choose our passive fire protection products to defend their sites against the destruction of fires. Our coatings protect wood members during a fire by intumescing to slow or extinguishing the blaze.


Treating each piece of dimensional lumber with BarrierTek before it reaches your site guarantees complete fire protection.


An alternative to traditional dry or glycol systems that eliminates the need for sprinklers in confined spaces like attics.


An untreated joist’s web burns through about 70% faster than its top and bottom chords, compromising its support.


Our OSB and plywood sheets have a patented factory-applied fire-retardant coating that doesn’t alter performance.​

Explore the Benefits

Each year in Canada there are over 40 fires on wood building construction sites, with an average loss of over three million dollars.

Approximately, 40% of your COC insurance premium is associated with fire loss. Many of Canada’s insurance providers now understand how BarrierTek Multi-Family solutions eliminate risk and price policies accordingly. Build fire free and reduce your COC premiums.

What is the real cost of a catastrophic fire to your project? Beyond the insurance deductible there are uninsured costs to re-build such as internal labour, opportunity costs, and lost profit – totalling well over two million dollars for a typical build. Developers are shifting to BarrierTek multi-family products to eliminate balance sheet exposure.

Our coatings have been tested to the standards of UL and ASTM and are specifically designed to meet the Canadian building and fire codes. Product markings may get cladded over, but our distinctive product colours ensure each member of your structure are protected using an approved product.

Course of construction fire prevention is a must to help protect property and people — but some solutions seem simple on paper can quickly become complicated to execute on the job site. Our factory applied BarrierTek Multi-Family coating products protect wood structures without adding any steps to the building process. 

Larger six-storey wood building are often exposed to the elements for over a year. Our products undergo rigorous laboratory testing to exceed ASTM weatherability standards. Hailstorms, heatwaves, and hoar frost are no match for BarrierTek Multi-Family. 

Pre-project capitalization rate calculations rely heavily on the efficiency of land utilization. Buildings treated with BarrierTek Multi Family products often require smaller property lines offsets. Are you missing this Ace up your sleeve?

While under construction, 100% of wood frame buildings can burn down. When treated with BarrierTEK, 100% cannot.

We're Ready to Help You Reduce Your Risk.​

The science behind our solutions may be complex, but the on-site execution is simple. Our team of experts is waiting to support you at any stage of your project – from conceptual design to building lock up.