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AtTEK® as an Alternative to Attic Sprinklers: NFPA-13 2019

Conventional attic sprinkler systems are widely accepted as the standard fire suppression system in multi-family residential buildings.  Also widely accepted? The risks associated with sprinklers. Challenging installation, costly maintenance, activation-induced flooding, and failure due to extreme weather are but a few of the pain points for developers, builders, and end users. AtTEK® products meet NFPA13 […]

A Fireman, an Engineer, and a Carpenter All Walk Into an Attic …

It was the third day of yet another record-setting heat wave in central Alberta.  Sweat dripped from my chin as I moved through a maze of attic space atop an occupied multi-family building. The BarrierTek-treated attic had just had a fire, and myself and an army of fire investigators and professionals were on the hunt […]

NOW: Save up to 40% on Your COC Rate With BarrierTek

We are excited to announce that as of October 2021, projects using BarrierTek will qualify for a 40% premium reduction. Learn more about this breakthrough offering and how you can benefit from using BarrierTek on your project.


NFPA-13 AtTEK Alternative Letter Generator Our NFPA-13 AtTEK Alternative Letter Generator is for architects, engineers, and developers using BarrierTek AtTEK fire-protectant products as an alternative to sprinkler systems in attic spaces. This easy-to-use tool takes the input parameters from your project and generates a letter that you can use as part of your submission.  This […]