Science Vs. Fire I – Environmental Impact

Non-Toxic and Factory Applied All of the chemicals we use are low or no toxicity, and we factory apply BarrierTek product to the wood substrate. After it’s been coated, the risk of harm is low. Even on a building, the coating is weatherproof and durable – so there’s no concern about it leeching into the […]

Science Vs. Fire I – How it Works

A Primer on Pyrolysis As we all know, wood burns. That’s because wood contains molecules made from bound atoms of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Plus some smaller amounts of other elements. When wood gets hot enough, those bonds break, releasing those atoms, plus a lot of energy. This is a chemical reaction called pyrolysis. The […]

Science Vs. Fire I – Case Study

Building With BarrierTek for 10 Years Carrington’s a large scale multi family developer here in Edmonton, we’re a family owned business and we’ve been in business for over 48 years. We’ve worked with BarrierTek for close to ten years. Why Does Carrington Homes Use BarrierTek? We use it because it protects our assets during construction. […]