Why do leaders in the construction industry choose BarrierTek?

BarrierTek fire resistant treatments eliminate the risk of high intensity fire in wood construction projects. And a project that is not susceptible to a devastating fire during course of construction has innumerable benefits for the contractors, community, and other stakeholders. 

BarrierTek products do not require any additional engineering or design. Nor do they require any special installation or tools. BarrierTek fire retardant product is applied to the wood required before it reaches the job site. No need to augment the structure with additional materials or sprinklers.

Here are the benefits our solutions offer:

  • Lowers course of construction COC insurance premiums
  • Allows builders to maximize construction footprint
  • Contain fires to compartment of origin and pose no threat to adjacent buildings
  • Prevent destructive fires without changing the way you build