In the case of a fire, how does BarrierTek affect my timelines?

Historically, untreated buildings that experience a high intensity fire can experience a setback of up to 24 months. Time lost due to fire is a product of the progress at time of fire, the extent of the damage, as well as other factors such as insurance responsiveness and investigation lead time. This ties up your most important non-renewable resource: time. Furthermore, it ties up working capital and imposes an opportunity cost penalty, sacrificing returns and impacting your balance sheet.    

In contrast, on projects treated with BarrierTek small fires never get the chance to become big fires. Fire damage repairs to BarrierTek buildings are negligible and require as little as a few hours to a few days to remediate. Often, builders using BarrierTek products don’t report fire events. To date, not one single claim has been made on a BarrierTek treated wood building.